Welcome to my world. It’s all about photography, nature  and traveling.

My name is Tjarda de Rooij. I’m a full time traveler and photographer. This website is dedicated to my passion for photography, traveling and nature. It’s about who I am as a person, about where I go and what I do and about showing you the beauty that I see.

At the age of 17 I bought my first camera and my passion was born. When I was 19 I started traveling on my own. After getting a degree in Graphic Design I decided to go learn Spanish abroad. I did this in Guatemala where I stayed with a host family and went to school 5 days a week, 4 hours a day for 8 weeks. In my time off I got the change to travel the country with the friends I made at school.

Coming home from that I was determined to start saving money again to go back and see the rest of Central America. 5 years later, after finishing a second degree in Urban Design I did just that. in the beginning of 2015 I backpacked through Central America starting in Costa Rica and ending up in Mexico within 3.5 months. On this trip my love for animal photography really evolved in almost an obsession. Wherever I go now I’m always looking for more animals to put on my checklist. With every animal I see I’m trying to find out which animal it is. Every new specie I see gives me a sort of rush and makes me want to see more. On that Central America trip alone I saw more then 600 animals!

After that trip, my urge for traveling became even stronger. So strong that I in september 2017 decided to sell all my belongings back home and start traveling full time. In December I made my way over to Australia. My life now is focused on full time traveling, photography Blogging and trying to get by so I can continue traveling.

Besides just taking pictures of everything for my personal goals I also hope to raise awareness to help conserve nature. I hope that I can make people respect en enjoy nature by showing them how beautiful it is.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will enjoy seeing all the beautiful things I have to show you.

For those who are into spotting animals like me, check out my checklist. Want to read about some of my adventures? for that you have to go to my travelblog.