Breezy Byron Bay

Surfing or watching surfers do there thing and the lifestyle that goes with it is what Byron bay is all about. Everywhere you look you see beautiful people with style and a chill out vibe. Cool handsome dudes with tattoos and matching surfer hair and elegant mesmerising girls with flower print dresses or sexy shorts. Driving through town you’ll see beat up old cars with surfboards and beds in the back filled with surfers eager to use every minute of daylight to catch waves.

Surfer Byron bay

Even if you don’t surf (like me) it’s hard not to get effected by the relaxed and feel good vibe. I’ve extended my stay a couple times and went out every day trying to capture the soul of Byron. The weather wasn’t so good so I had small windows of opportunity to go out and stroll through town and along the beach. I will let the pictures speak for themselves now.

Surfer Byron bay

I wouldn’t be me if I would not try to look for some wildlife so besides all that is surf I also found some time to wonder around some hiking trails. The one activity to do on land for tourists is to go up to the lighthouse. This beautiful walk that takes you along all the surfing hotspots and up and down cliffs for some breathtaking views.

I also found a short track on the other side of town in Arakwal national park that no tourist seems to know about. Here I was able to find 2 Echidnas. one of my favourite animals out here in Australia.

Echidna Byron bay

To the untrained eye these beautiful little animals resemble a hedgehog but are in fact a lot more special. It, along with the platypus are the only 2 surviving members of the order Monotremata and are the only living mammals that lay eggs.

The Echidna has a long nose that it uses to find ants and insects underground. When you’re quite enough and don’t make sudden movements it may not notice you because it’s to busy looking for food. That gives you time to observe these cute animals. truly fascinating.

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