Strolling through Brisbane

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I wasn’t really planning on going to Brisbane. Not at this point at least. I’m actually looking for a farm job in the rural areas of Australia but apart from all that web surfing I off course also have to pay a visit to town and have a look. I’m trying to save the money I have left so I’m afraid I haven’t done much apart from doing some sightseeing.

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I’ve been walked around a couple times now and got a good feel of the city. its a very cycle and pedestrian focussed city so strolling around is a good way to see the city. Right trough the city runs the Brisbane River. Most public places are orientated on the riverbanks along with many miles of cycle and pedestrian paths. The most popular places are South Bank Parklands, the Botanic Gardens, Fortitude Valley, Roma Street Parkland and the New Farm park.

South Bank Parklands is without a doubt the most popular amongst Travellers. It is home to Museums, Theaters, the library, a Ferris wheel, a Laguna and a foodcourt. Along with all that it also has a good view of the river and Skyline of the Central Business District. It has a lot to offer making it the hotspot of the City. In my opinion there is to much happening making the park disorganised and chaotic. Aiding to that feeling is the Design of the place and the materials used. I get the main design (see image) but it’s clouded by all the other things happening.

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south bank parkland

Hidden gems

Australia seems to have a neck for building Massive CBD’s (central Business Districts). It’s always the centre and heart of the city. It’s full of residential skyscrapers and huge office buildings. As with a lot of cities world wide this location used to be the ‘old city’. For that reason It’s also home to the very few Cultural Heritage Buildings that the country has. These important buildings rich with history deserve a podium. Instead they are being devoured by the many many Skyscrapers and multilevel highways. They are tucked away and made feel inferior to its surroundings as you can see on the picture below. Compared to the second picture you know what I mean.

Brisbane city
All the historical buildings are being devoured by its surroundings


now this is a stage. a stage it deserves. (Parliament building in Budapest)

Instead of the obvious historical buildings and places, it is the hidden places that will give of a more special feeling. the hidden gems. They are there but not where you expect them. it’s places that you as a tourist stumble upon when you are strolling through the street. Here are a couple.

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Another One of those places is the Roma street parklands. if you look at the city this park looks like a patch of left over space that they decided to transform into a park. Most backpackers probably walk past it at least ones during there visit to Brisbane but they won’t enter it. It’s located between the more well known hostels and the city centre but it doesn’t look like much walking past it. The south side is blocked by a huge transit centre with only a small entrance.

roma street park-web
Roma street parklands

Me being a nature addict I decided to have a look and I was presently surprised. Even though there is a lot happening It has the peaceful feel of what a park is suppose to be. There is a little peace of jungle, flower gardens, a amphi theater, a pond, waterfalls and a big grassy field for people to picknick and relax. There is even a little train that give free guided tours through the park. It is full of hidden places that keeps surprising. The huge variety of plants and trees make it feel more like a botanic garden then the actual botanic garden situated a couple hundred meters further down. When I was there I thought, this would probably also be a good place to do some wildlife spotting at night so I went back on another day just after dark. I saw 5 cute little Common Ringtail Possums. That one along with 2 birds makes 3 species that I had never seen before. Who would have thought that the busy centre of a huge city would be a place where I would see some new stuff.

Common ringtail possum
Common Ringtail Possum
Buff-banded rail
Buff-banded Rail

There is also a new exciting public area in the making. The Howard Smith Wharves. Located at the base of the most recognisable bridge of Brisbane, the ‘Story Bridge’ (I know, it’s a lame name) the council is building a huge new public area. Walking there and not knowing what they are planning to build my imagination ran wild with ideas. Looking at the plans later on, my imagination wasn’t far off from what they are actually going to build there. As usual they are filling it with way to much stuff in my opinion. I would have kept it a little bit cleaner and simplistic with more large open spaces instead of using every inch. There is already a brand new cycle and walking pathway over the water. When finished this will complete a chain of high end public spaces in the city. At the moment they are working on the next fase. Too bad I won’t be here when it’s finished.

Story bridge pano
Howard Smith Wharves being build on the right side

city park network


Check out the following link if you want to know more about the project.

Brisbane cityBrisbane city

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