Shining light on the Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are the oldest discovered caves in the world and the most famous of Australia. The caves are still being explored but 11 illuminated caves are open for tourism. One of which is the River cave shown on the pictures below.

Queen Esther’s chamber

fun fact is that shortly after Thomas Edison invented the Lightbulb, the first of Australia was installed in 1880 in the caves and powered by hydrodynamics. So cities where still lit by candle light, but the caves had electric power. People traveled from far by horse and carriage to see this invention that we can’t live without today.

Once under water but pushed up forming the blue mountains they hold many fossils.The caves started forming after the limestone got raised above water level. And very slowly the impressive formations got formed.

The minaret, about an impressive 4 meter high column

The Stalactites, stalagmites and other formations take hundreds of years to grow to big sizes. Unfortunately because of tourism many got damaged. Once you touch it, it starts to decay and break of. But there is also many still intact for us to enjoy.

The most impressive thing to see in the River cave is off course the river itself. In one room that is called the River Styx or the Pool of reflections the river is beautifully lit. The almost motionless surface of the water produces a spectacular reflection. Shown on the 2 pictures below you see that the one without the lights in the water causes the water to look like a mirror. The other one on the other hand shows how clear and beautifully coloured the water is.

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