breathtaking blue mountains bush walk

The plan was to go into the forest to find some wildlife. I did see some but I spend most my time taking pictures of the trail itself. About every few minutes of walking I came across another beautiful view that I had to get a picture of. What you can normally walk in a couple of hours took me 9 hours because I had to set up my tripod and get the right picture every time.

Here the trail begins and goes down into the valley

I started my hike at the start of the prince Henry cliff walk but instead of walking along the cliffs I went down into the gorge. To get down it takes you through the Leura forest that eventually comes out at the Federal Pass. Before going down a little detour to the Leura waterfalls is definitely worth it. walking along the cliffs on narrow paths makes the walk an amazing adventure.

The Leura forest.
Feeling adventurous and curious about what lies around the corner.
The Leura Waterfall. Not so much water coming down but still a beautiful sight.

After seeing the waterfall, a Big metal staircase that lies a bit further back goes further down into the valley. The dense and intens green forest gives the place a magical feeling. At times it felt like I was in a different world. a mixture of Indiana jones meets jurassic park meets the lord of the rings.



Even though I didn’t walk that much. It took me a long time and combined with the heat after a few hours a energy boost was needed. Some milk with Granola and a muesli bar with chocolate should do the trick. The location I chose looks peaceful right? It’s not really. While I was sitting there I was constantly being attacked by dozens of mosquitos. they really seemed to like my ankles. I had to stomp my feet every 30 seconds to get them of.

Time for lunch


After lunch I continued on my hike. Besides beautiful views I also managed to see some animals. A day in nature for me wouldn’t be complete without some wildlife shots so here are a couple. I hoped to see some more but every day that I see a animal that I haven’t seen before is a good day. Checkout my checklist to see how many I’ve seen.

To end my day of hiking I got treated with a couple more views. The one more breathtaking then the other. Next time I’ll trie a different hike that goes even further into the jungle to a place called The ruined castle.


The view seen from the ridge of the waterfall

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