Walk in the park

Today I spend most my time walking around the royal botanical gardens behind the Sydney Opera house. All geared up I wondered around looking for some animals. The first animal that got my attention was the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. It makes a deafening sound so it’s easy to recognise. Besides there sound there clear white feathers and its size makes it a pretty impressive bird.


Being my first day in Australia, every animal I hear and see is special and new and that’s what makes it fun. my favourite animal of today has to be the Rainbow Lorikeet. seeing the picture below explains it all. It’s colours are simply amazing. I’m still looking for some good websites for the determination of the animals I’ve seen. Finding out the names of most birds will not be a problem but when it gets down to spiders, beetles and other insects it get harder and harder.


sooo, after spending a couple of hours in the park I finally arrived at the Opera house. My first day in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without seeing that of course. after walking around this iconic building I explored the city centre and slowly made my way back to my hostel. I was stupid enough not to buy sunscreen lotion so after walking around all day my arms and head got pretty sunburned. hopefully it will be better tomorrow. on the agenda tomorrow is the famous Bondi beach and it’s coastal walk to Coogee.

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