So it begins

The time has almost come for me to try a life of full-time travel. The last 3 months I made some big steps in order to make it all happen. The plan to go in December 2016 was there for a while but at the end of august I finally made a decision to go to Australia. The 2nd of September I gave up my home. 4 weeks later I had sold all my belongings and had to turn in my keys.

discover a world under the surface

Foto 15-02-15 15 12 53.jpg


It doesn’t stop there. I also followed two
workshops at Getaway Travel about travel blogging and video editing and bought even more gadgets to at to my gear. Also on my ‘to do list’ was to buy a Laptop in order to work on my photography whilst on the road. speaking about ‘on the road’. One more big thing was to get my drivers license. Everything depends on getting that. It’s literally a GO or NO GO, not to put to much pressure on myself.

I can’t wait to arrive in Sydney to hike in the blue mountains, discover a world under the surface, go look for all those iconic animals and visit all those iconic places that only Australia has to offer.

Follow me to keep up where I am and to see all the beautiful things I see through me lens.

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