Strolling through Brisbane

I wasn’t really planning on going to Brisbane. Not at this point at least. I’m actually looking for a farm job in the rural areas of Australia but apart from all that web surfing I off course also have to pay a visit to town and have a look. I’m trying to save the money … Continue reading Strolling through Brisbane

Wildlife spotting in Australia’s most biodiverse place

The Atherton Tablelands is a Paradise for animal Lovers. The Rainforest that this area has is considered the oldest Rainforest of the world. To paint a picture, The Brazilian Amazon is 60 million years old, this rainforest is about 130 million years old. You can imagine how many plants and animals have evolved throughout all … Continue reading Wildlife spotting in Australia’s most biodiverse place

Near death by bird experience?

Before heading north to the very popular Cairns city I decided to make a stop at Mission Beach. Due to bad weather I thought I’d skip it but on a last minute call I decided to go there anyway. What convinced me is because Lonely planet says it has an estimated 40 Cassowaries in the … Continue reading Near death by bird experience?

Shining light on the Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are the oldest discovered caves in the world and the most famous of Australia. The caves are still being explored but 11 illuminated caves are open for tourism. One of which is the River cave shown on the pictures below. fun fact is that shortly after Thomas Edison invented the Lightbulb, the first of … Continue reading Shining light on the Jenolan Caves