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About me

My name is Tjarda de Rooij. I am a full time traveler and amateur photographer. On my website I will show you the beautiful things I have seen while traveling. I have a passion for photography focussed mainly on Wildlife and Nature. I take a lot of joy out of seeing animals in the wild and go above and beyond to see as many as a can.

Unfortunately our nature is under a lot of pressure. Several of the animals I have seen are endangered with a big change of going extinct in our lifetime. I wish that the next generation will be able to enjoy natures beauty like I do. It would be a shame if our grandkids have to grow up in a world without Lions, Tigers, Elephants and many many many more. By sharing my pictures I hope to captivate and educate you and to make you aware of how beautiful our nature is. I am convinced that if people see how beautiful something is they will learn to respect it. And when you respect something there is a big change you will minimise harming them.

As mentioned in the beginning I am a full time traveler. I got rid of most of my belongings, left my home country and am now traveling and do odd jobs to get by. Here is a little background story to how I got to be where I am today.

At the age of 17 I did a internship at a graphic design company. This company had 2 in-house photographers that basically introduced me to photography and to Canon camera’s. Shortly after I bought my first camera and my passion was born. When I was 19 I finished my degree in Graphic design and went on my first solo trip. I went on to go and learn Spanish in Guatemala for 8 weeks. I stayed with a host family and went to school 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. In my time off I had the change to travel the country with the friends I made at school.

Coming home from that I was determined to start saving money again to go back and see the rest of Central America “backpacker style”. 5 years later, after finishing a second degree in Urban Design I did just that. in the beginning of 2015 I backpacked through Central America starting in Costa Rica and ending up in Mexico within 3.5 months. On this trip my love for animal photography really evolved and turned in almost a obsession. I started looking up the names of the animals I saw and recording them on a personal check list. On that Central America trip alone I saw more then 600 animal species! Wherever I go now I’m always looking for more animals to put on my checklist. It’s a great way of educating myself and evolving my photography skills.

After that trip, my urge for traveling became even stronger. So strong that I decided to sell all my belongings back home and start traveling full time. In December 2016 I flew to Australia with a working holiday visa in my pocket. When my 1 year visa ended I made my way down to New Zealand to do the same. So far I managed to get odd jobs here and there to earn enough money to keep traveling. Hopefully I can keep this up for a couple more years.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will enjoy seeing all the beautiful things I have on display for you.

For those who are into spotting animals like me, check out my checklist. Want to read about some of my adventures? for that you have to click on my travel blog.